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Sports Therapy and Recovery

At the Universal Sports Institute, we understand the importance of sports therapy and recovery in optimizing athletic performance and preventing injuries among student-athletes. Our comprehensive program is designed to support athletes in their physical and mental well-being, helping them recover faster, reduce fatigue, and enhance overall athletic longevity.
Our sports therapy and recovery programs offer a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of student-athletes. The Universal Sports Institute will be using unparalleled and top-of-the-line equipment used by some of the most elite training centers in the world.
  • Recovery Modalities: We offer various recovery modalities to help athletes recover faster and reduce muscle soreness. These include cold plunges, compression therapy, foam rolling, and stretching exercises. These modalities promote circulation, reduce inflammation, and alleviate muscle tension, enabling athletes to recover more effectively between training sessions and competitions.
    • We offer a complete VO2 fitness test that gives our staff the tools to set realistic goals and assess for improvement for student athletes. VO2 Max testing can clarify the precise target heart rates that will enable each athlete to exercise more effectively, with less fatigue and fewer injuries.
    • Body composition analysis is also available for student athletes to gear performance plans tailored to their unique needs.
    • Our Photobiomodulation Rooms offer light therapy for athletes recovering from injury.
    • Hydrogen Therapy to improve the immune system and reduce inflammation in our athletes. 
    • WAVI Concussion Protocol Room to provide scientific metrics and essential data about our athletes’ brain health, memory, coherence, and cognitive functions. 
  • Rest and Regeneration: Adequate rest and sleep are essential for recovery and optimal athletic performance. We educate athletes on the importance of sleep hygiene and relaxation techniques to improve sleep quality and quantity. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of rest days and active recovery strategies to prevent overtraining and burnout.
Overall, our sports therapy and recovery program at the Universal Sports Institute aims to support student-athletes in achieving their full potential, staying healthy, and performing at their best both on and off the field. Through personalized care, evidence-based practices, and holistic approaches, we empower athletes to thrive in their athletic pursuits and lead balanced, healthy lifestyles.